Tinder Date Gone Wrong For 21 Year Old Asian

tinder date gone wrong

Dushyant Sharma, the victim, had claimed to be a ‘crorepati’ to impress 27-year-old Priya Seth. He believed that she was dating him when she had just been fooling him for the last three months. She had wanted his money, stated TOI.

Tinder Date Gone Wrong For 21 Year Old Asian

Seth is actually the kingpin of a rape and blackmailing racket. She was out on bail after being imprisoned for threatening a businessman with a false rape case in March 2018.

TOI quoted Jhotwara Station House Officer (SHO), Guru Bhupendra Singh, as saying, “Sharma introduced himself as one Vivan Kohli, a native of New Delhi, and lied that he was the chairperson of a sprawling conglomerate with an annual turnover of Rs 25 crore.”

After meeting twice with Seth, Sharma arrived at her flat in Bajaj Nagar Enclave, Jaipur, on 2nd May 2018. Little had he known that Seth’s boyfriend, Dikshant Kamra, and her friend, Lakshya Wallia, had been hiding in one of the rooms in the flat.

No sooner did Sharma enter the flat than Seth, Kamra and Wallia, who were high on cocaine, pinned him to a wall and subsequently tied him up with a wire.

Tinder Date Gone Wrong For 21 Year Old Asian

They asked Sharma to ask his friends to pay a ransom of ₹10 lakh for his safe return. Sharma then divulged his true identity and told them that he was a small-time middleman in the construction industry.

Seth confirmed this after having a look at Sharma’s documents and “realised that he was not Kohli but indeed a local trader with only a few thousand in his bank account,” said SHO Singh.

At 10 am on the following day, Seth phoned Sharma’s father, Rajeshwar, and demanded a ransom of ₹10 lakh. Rajeshwar, who had told Seth that he could only arrange ₹3 lakh at such short notice, deposited the money in Sharma’s account.

Tinder Date Gone Wrong For 21 Year Old Asian

And even after receiving the money, the trio killed Sharma fearing that he would reveal their details to the police as he was a local. They initially tried to strangulate him but then stabbed him with a kitchen knife on Seth’s bed.

Seth washed her hands and went out to withdraw money from Sharma’s account. She withdrew ₹20,000 and bought a suitcase.

The trio packed Sharma’s body in the suitcase and drove it, in the car that he had arrived in, to Kukas on the outskirts of Jaipur. They dumped the body at 2 pm.

Seth also duped another businessman in the evening on the same day.

Sharma’s body in the suitcase was found at Kukas on the Jaipur-Delhi Highway on the night of 3rd May 2018.

The police raided Seth’s flat in Bajaj Nagar Enclave on 4th May 2018 following which Seth, Kamra and Wallia were arrested.


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