Reasons to buy a Tesla Model S

If you want to drive a truly modern electric car, then the Tesla Model S deserves your attention.

The Tesla Model S is the best electric car you can buy in the market right now. It’s both extremely comfortable and capable, and offers enough technology and luxury to justify its relatively high starting price of £47,000.

It can space five people inside, and the Model S is incredibly fast. The range-topping P90D model can go from 0-60mph in just 2.8sec – faster than most sports cars out there. The fact that even the entry-level car can travel for nearly around 250 miles in a single charge, and the amount you’ll save on fuel by going electric, and the Model S is a very tempting car.



1. Zero emissions :


The biggest advantage you have for the all electric vehicle over a regular one is that it is totally harmless to the environment. It barely produces any emissions as the whole car runs on batteries, And that means you pay no tax under the current system – an instant saving.

2. Self driving car :

auto pilot

Tesla’s are famously known for their technology in auto pilot. Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving software has been in the news lately, but if used properly it can make your car maintain a safe distance from the car in front, and also take care of steering – Sleep at your own risk.

3. The Power :


Even though model S runs on batteries, It gives toe to toe competition with some of the high end sports cars out there. Even the entry-level P60D model can go 60mph from a standing start in 5.5sec and drive for 248 around miles in a single charge. Opt for the top-end P90 version, and you’ll beat almost every sports car in the market to 60mph.

4. The luxurious space inside :


With no engine in the Model S, all the space that the engine takes is used to providing a luxurious experience for the people sitting inside it. Five adults can comfortably sit, and the floor of the rear is completely flat. You can even specify seven seats if you’ve got more people to carry. The boot space is huge, too.

5. Charging ports :

charging stations

Most electric cars charge you a amount to top up your car, Well Tesla does it differently. They provide free charging at their charging pods situated almost everywhere in the state. And you can install one at your home or work as well. Tesla always got your back.

6. Entertainment :


With the Model S, You get a sexy looking 17in touchscreen display which covers almost the entire dashboard. From opening the dashboard to controlling the lights and music, This touchscreen can do it without a hassle. It looks great, and is very user-friendly to use.

7. The KIT :


You get keyless entry to the vehicle which can be fully controlled by the phone app, parking sensors, 17in alloy wheels, satellite navigation, automatic braking, blind spot monitoring and a lane departure warning system. With such sensors and technology, Tesla Model S has become one of the best electric car one must own without a second thought.

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