Lost Apple AirPods? Here is how to find it.

Below is the article that describes the method to find the lost apple air pods..

Apple, One of the biggest and most successful company in the world.Major center for creativity.When apple declared the launch of the air pods, many people thought that spending $150 for a easy to lose gadget .They thought it was a bad idea.As it is wireless and light weight it is so easy to lose.

That is a fact,but apple is experienced in helping people to find their lost products.Apps like FindMyIphone helping people to find their lost iphones for years.Now it extended its feature to find the ear pods too.It is dubbed as “Find My AirPods”.

The below procedure explains how to setup and use the tool which helps you find your lost ear pods.

To use the Find My AirPods feature,you’ll need:

  • A valid iCloud account
  • An IOS device running 10.3 or higher
  • Your AirPods paired with IOS device (you can’t use Find My AirPods if you’re using them with a non-Apple device)
  • Find My iPhone enabled on your iOS device before you lose your AirPods.

Steps to setup Find My AirPods

Those who know how to setup the FindMyIphone knows that they need an iCloud Account to do it.If you’ve gone htrough the process of setting up your AirPods to work with an iOS device, you probably know that they use your iCloud account to automatically be paired to every other device you have that uses the same iCloud account.

It is a nice feature but when it comes to finding lost AirPods it’s more useful.That because you don’t need to setup the Find My Airpods to its own.If you have an active iCloud account on the iPhone or iPad you used to set up the iPhone, and have Find My iPhone enabled on that device, your AirPods are automatically added to Find My AirPods. Easy peasy, right?

now the actual part comes..

How to use Find My Airpods

Following below steps helps you to find out the lost airpods

To find the lost AirPod, you’ll need one of the two things:

  • An IOS device with the Find My Iphone app installed in it.
  • Computer with a web browser to login with your iCloud account.

For Instance let us consider you got the one or the other thing,then follow the below steps to find the AirPods:

  1. Just tap on the “Find My Iphone” app on the IOS device you got or login into your iCloud account through your browser on the computer.
  2. In the browser in computer just log in with the iCloud account you used to set up your AirPods. If you’re on an iOS device, skip to step 4
  3. After logging in to the iCloud Account in the computer browser, Click on the Find Iphone Icon.
  4. After doing this, Find My iPhone/AirPods launches and attempts to locate your AirPods. Click the All Devices menu and select AirPods. On an iOS device, just tap AirPods.
  5. If they’re located, you’ll see them plotted on a map. The device you’re using to find them appears on the map as a blue dot. There are two colored dots representation for your AirPods:
    Gray—This means your AirPods can’t be located for a number of reasons,they are described in Why My AirPods didn’t Show up later in this article.
    Green—This means your AirPods are online (connected to an iPhone or iPad) and that you can play a sound through them to make them easier to find
  6. If a green dot is present next to your AirPods, then click on the dot and then click the i icon in the pop up
  7. In the pop up in the top corner of the screen, click Play Sound to make your AirPods play a sound.
  8. When your AirPods are playing the sound, you have a few options:
    Mute Right—This stops the sound in the right AirPods to help you find the left.
    Stop Playing—This stops the sound.
    Mute Left—This stops the sound playing from the left AirPod to help you find the right one.

Now you know how to find your lost AirPods.But wait, what if you find the gray dot to the right of the AirPods,then there is a problem.

Why My AirPods didn’t Show up

There may be number of reasons for your AirPods not showing up in the app.Some of them are as below:

  • Out of Range: This is the most common reason.Your Airpods are not embedded with GPS chips in it.So,they just rely up on being connected to your iphone or ipad to be found.If they are out of your range,then they don’t appear.
  • Out of Battery: If your Airpods are out of battery,then they won’t be found until they are recharged.
  • In the Case: Generally they should be out of the case in order to be found because they won’t be connected to iphone or ipad when they are in  case.
  • No Find My Iphone: If didn’t setup the Find my iphone/Airpods before losing your Airpods,then you won’t be able to find out.


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