Legit Ways to Get Microsoft Office for Free

Got no Microsoft Office or Uninstalled by Mistake? but here are the ways to get Microsoft for Free

Everyone must admit that are alternative to the Microsoft Office and trick your computer to get the work done.Thanks to the open source movement but nothing compares to having the original.One who bought it knows it not cheap.

If you’re cash strapped, these ways of getting Microsoft Office free will help you to hold you over, at least until you can afford to get your own complete copy of the software.


Online Microsoft Office



By using the free online version of Microsoft Office, you can edit and share files created in either Word, Excel or PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and you have access to free OneDrive cloud storage along with an online calendar.

Whatever work you do will be done in the web browser and will be saved in the cloud for future use.This means that you can access those files from anywhere.

LikeDon't Like
No Software Download neededSpell checking is absent for Excel or Powerpoint
Automatically work is savedOnly 2 GB storage is provided
Opens any Microsoft Office TypeUsing only OneDrive for Storage
Spellchecking is automaticSaving formats include PPTX,DOCM, DOCX, PPTM, XLSX and XLSM,
It allows Collaboration allowing multiple people to work on a file
File can be shared with anyone
Interface is similar to original software
Free Templates

Office 365 ProPlus Trial


Office 365 ProPlus is for enterprise customers looking for advanced capabilities, and this is flexibility of cloud managment and development.

As an advantage the trial version includes all the applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Skype for Business, and Lync.

LikeDon't Like
1 TB of storage for filesOnce Trial Version is over,you lose access to office
Trial period can be extended for another 30 daysTrial Extensions can be done only once
25 users can be managed
Unrestricted access
Full Version of Office

Free Trial Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office 365 is the available Microsoft Office version  with a one month free trial, which includes all the Microsoft Programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other Office 2016 programs.

But to get started with Trial Version a valid credit card is needed to sign up for the trial, but charges don’t take effect until the start of the second month. You can cancel the trial just before the end of the first month to prevent such charges, and use the entire first month trial fully.


LikeDon't Like
1 Tb Space in one DriveLossing access after trial period
Trial Period can be extendedTrial period extended only once
30 days grace period up on expiration
Full access to office

Microsoft Office Mobile Apps



Just Downloading the mobile Application is the easiest thing that can be done to get the free version of microsoft office.But the thing is it should be done on small screen.

It is provided with the basic editing and creating tools when compared to microsoft office 365.

The android application provides the facililty for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote and SharePoint.

Where as in IOS you need to find in the store as the iphone and ipad have different versions.

LikesDon't likes
Similar formatting across DevicesFree to create and edit but only on a device with a screen smaller than 10.1 inches. Anything larger than that can only view files.
Create,Edit and View on the goNeeded Office 365 subscription to unlock more editing features
Accessing files from cloud anytime ,anywhere
can be shared with anyone


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