How to Listen to Multiple radio stations in Linux

Want to listen to over hundreds of radio stations all over the world in Linux? then here is how..

Linux is the best open source and sophisticated operating system available for users from the fast generation computers era.Almost anything technically possible from linux.

Do you ever wonder how can you listen to over hundreds of radio station from linux?

Here is the method.There is an application named StreamTuner in Linux.


StreamTuner is an audio application that provide facility to access to over 100 online radio stations in more than 15 categories.That’s Amazing..!

It provides a facility to even download the audio from the radio stations that you are listening to.

Easy peasy…right?

As well as providing access to radio stations you can also use StreamTuner to access other services such as  MyOggRadio, Jamendo, Surfmusic,,, Youtube and TuneIn .

Now we know what are the facilities that the StreamTuner provides..Now its time to know how to use it.

Installation of StreamTuner

StreamTuner is available for most Linux distributions and can be installed from a Debian-based distribution such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint using the apt-get command from the terminal.

The process goes as below

press CTRL, ALT and T at the same time to open the terminal.

now use the below commands to begin the installation

sudo apt-get install streamtuner2


If you are using Fedora or CentOS you can use the yum command:

sudo yum install streamtuner2


openSUSE users can use the zypper command:

sudo zypper -i streamtuner2


Finally, Arch and Manjaro users can use the pacman command:

sudo pacman -S streamtuner2


How to use StreamTuner

StreamTuner can be started by selecting it from the menu or dash made available by the graphical desktop that you are using.

If you want to start it from terminal you can use the below command:

streamtuner2 &



StreamTuner UI is very simple but the functionality isn’t the main feature of this application.

The main feature of StreamTuner is the content.

The UI consists of all the common requirements like a menu, a toolbar, a list of resources, a list of categories for the resource and finally a list of stations.

Resource Available:

Below are the available resources in StreamTuner

  • Internet Radio
  • MyOggRadio
  • Jamendo
  • Youtube
  • SurfMusic
  • Bookmarks
  • TuneIn

Now resources explained :

  • Internet Radio contains over hundreds of radio and over 15 categories
  • MyoggRadio website is written in german language.myoggRadio contains the list of free radio stations.Do you know what ogg means ?, it is the least sized audio file format.
  • As per the jamendo website,it mission is as follows

Jamendo is all about connecting musicians and music lovers from all over the world. Our goal is to bring together a worldwide community of independent music, creating experience and value around it.

On Jamendo Music, you can enjoy a wide catalog of more than 500,000 tracks shared by 40,000 artists from over 150 countries all over the world. You can stream all the music for free, download it and support the artist: become a music explorer and be a part of a great discovery experience!

  • I bet whose reading this they are definitely aware what youtube is.
  • SurfMusic is a website similar like myoggRadio.It provides of 160000 songs from all the free radio stations available.

Station Selection

To start playing music first click on the one of the radio stations available and then navigate to you favorite genre or genre you prefer.

Each radio station provides a different list of categories but in general they will be in the line of following categories

  • 50s
  • 60s
  • 70s
  • 80s
  • 90s
  • pop
  • jazz
  • Acoustic
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • etc

So on..there are many categories to select.On Clicking the category play button appears.Click on it to play the song on the radio station.

If you want to change the station ,there is station button available to change the radio station you are listening to.

Downloading an Audio From A Radio Station

Choose the “record” from context menu to start recording the audio from the radio station.

Then you will see a terminal with word “skipping” on it until a new song starts to play.When a new song starts to play the song will download.


If you like any station that you for future use, you can bookmark that station by right clicking on the radio station.

It will be available in the left side of the under favorite can tune in the favorite station right away using bookmarking.


StreamTuner is a great way to finding and listening to song on online radio stations.The downloading features varies from country to country.

Many of the resources within StreamTuner provide access to artists who are happy for you to download their tracks.

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