7 Most Controversial Movies That Shocked The World!!

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Film industry has come a long way, from very classic movies to the modern films they have shown excellence. There are certain people in our nation who are not very accepting when a thought-provoking film is made. From communities to even the Censor Board, everyone brings their own issues to the table, which we bet, even the makers may have never thought of.

So, here we have a list of 7 films that landed in hot waters because the Indian masses couldn’t digest the content.


7. A Serbian Film (2010)

7 Most Controversial Movies That Shocked The World!!

Banned: Brazil, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Finland, Norway, Newborn Porn. That says it all. A Serbian Film is a movie that packs so much violence and depravity into its running time, it actually becomes quite comical. Apparently an allegory on how corrupt and awful successive Serbian governments have been and how they have screwed over the people in Serbia, if Serbia is as awful as this film is, then no one would never ever want to go there. The film is just as if the director was having a p*ssing contest to see how much transgressive material he could fit into it. Milos is a down at heel ex hardcore porn star who is desperate to move his young son and beautiful wife out of Serbia. Unfortunately, the coffers are nearly empty and Milos is cajoled into taking part in an independent hard core porn movie by the promise of big bucks. He soon finds out that this is no straight forward porn production. There is baby rape, child sexual and physical abuse, adult rape, sodomy, incest, hallucinogenic drugs, murder, suicide and necrophilia and probably even more perversions than those listed. Obvious Censor baiting fare, the director probably got a thrill at upsetting the film censors of the world. There is just so much gratuitous nonsense €“ for example, to kill a guy, Milos can€™t just shoot or stab him. Oh no. He has to stick his wang in the guy€™s eyeball socket. Milos and his family can€™t just kill themselves at the end of the movie. Their corpses have to be sexually violated. The whole thing is so over the top, it actually dilutes the movie. A couple of well chosen slices of depravity would have been more effective than the unrelenting sadism in the movie. A film that would be hard for censors in many countries to cut because of the volume of violence, the UK managed to pass the film with cuts, but for many countries the mayhem was decidedly outré and the film remains banned.


6. I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

Banned: Australia, Finland, UK, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, China Meir Zarchi filmed this notorious slice of Rape/Revenge exploitation back in 1978. Apparently based upon his own experiences of encountering a young woman who had been raped in Central Park, New York and Zarchi€™s disgust with the way the police handled the young woman, I Spit on Your Grave is certainly uncompromising viewing. Recently reappraised as a piece of feminist triumphalist cinema €“ indeed, its original title was Day of the Woman – in which the female rape victim takes spectacular and ultra violent revenge upon her assailants, I Spit on Your Grave proved to be very problematic for film censors around the globe. The main bone of contention would be the film€™s astounding level of sexual violence. The scenes featuring Camille Keaton (who plays the heroine Jennifer) being raped and sodomised by four local yokels are extremely brutal, harrowing and realistic. Her degradation seems to last for an eternity and it is horrific to watch. Jennifer wreaks vengeance in fantastic violent style. One scene that likely raised the censors€™ hackles worldwide is the scene in which Jennifer pretends to get sexy with the yokel ring leader in a nice soapy bath. She feels him up a bit before sneaking a knife into the tub which she uses to slice off his knackers. Agonising scenes of blood spurting from the castrated man and his howling are juxtaposed with scenes of a stony faced Jennifer staring into the fire and playing opera music. The other three men are respectively hanged, hit with an axe and ploughed into with a boat engine. While not as egregious as the castration scene, their deaths are not particularly pleasant to watch. One of the notorious Video Nasties which was prosecuted for obscenity in Britain, I Spit on Your Grave really invoked the ire of the Irish censors who refused to pass it as late as 2011. It was also very controversial in Canada. It got into a lot of trouble in the territory of Nova Scotia. Certainly one of the world€™s least feel good films, I Spit on Your Grave retains its power to shock and appall all of these years later.


5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

7 Most Controversial Movies That Shocked The World!!

Banned: Finland, UK, Chile, Iceland, Ireland, Brazil, Australia, Norway, Singapore, Sweden Tobe Hooper€™s directorial debut shocked the whole world with its depiction of unremitting horror. The film has a reputation for being very gory and gruesome, but actually most of the violence is implied or happens off screen. What the film does have is buckets full of unrelenting terror and this terror is sustained throughout the movie, growing more acute as the movie goes on. Of course Leatherface murders some young dumb teens with a mallet and a chainsaw but it is the plight of the character Sally in the film which really grabbed the attention of global censors. Her ordeal at the hands of the world€™s most messed up family is excruciating viewing as she escapes, is recaptured, endures the dinner from hell, jumps out of a window, gets chased through woods by Leatherface waving his customary chainsaw all over the place. So it is pretty high octane stuff. The film was actually given a theatrical release in Britain but was pulled from the cinema by chief censor Stephen Murphy and banned on the recommendation of the BBFC. When James Ferman took over Murphy€™s role, he upheld the ban on TCM throughout his time at the BBFC. Like The Exorcist, TCM was a personal bête noir of Ferman€™s and he never countenanced its release. It was not until 1999 that the film was awarded an 18 certificate. TCM ran into problems in countries all over the world €“ it was particularly disliked in Australia and had to be slashed to ribbons in order to secure a release in that country.


4. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

7 Most Controversial Movies That Shocked The World!!

Banned: UK, Singapore, Australia, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Malaysia Poster child of the Video Nasty scare, Cannibal Holocaust has a very complicated past when it comes to film censorship around the world. The uncut version of the film is an effective horror film which is infinitely disgusting and disturbing. The first film to use the found footage story arc, Cannibal Holocaust features an anthropologist venturing deep into the Amazon jungle to find out what happened to a Mondo-type documentary film crew who were shooting footage there. He gains the natives€™ collective trust and finds film reels which he takes back to NYC and watches… The atrocities that the film crew either filmed or perpetrated include: lots of animal snuff, a native killing a woman with a stone dildo, a native woman having her foetus forcibly aborted and buried in mud, the crew raping a native girl, the crew torching the huts of the natives to get good footage, the crew coming across a woman impaled on a pole which enters her vagina and exits her mouth, and to top it all off, the natives wreak a terrible revenge on the crew which is captured to the bitter end. So it is pretty hardcore stuff which fooled a lot of people into thinking it was a snuff movie including the alarmed Italian authorities who, when they saw the film, forced director Ruggero Deodato to parade his actors around an Italian court to prove that they hadn€™t been killed. Cannibal Holocaust stands head and shoulders above all of the films that constitute the salubrious Italian Cannibal subgenre of Italian Exploitation. Its verisimilitude is further enhanced by the inclusion of real life death footage which Deodato has culled from various Mondo Movies. Basically, the whole film is an indictment of the Italian Shockumentary €“ particularly the films of the Godfathers of Mondo €“ Jacopetti & Prosperi which include such subgenre epics as Mondo Cane, Addio Zio Tom and the infamous Africa Addio. Regarding the latter film, Jacopetti & Prosperi were accused of staging executions for the camera. They were eventually exonerated by an Italian court after a lengthy investigation. Cannibal Holocaust plays around with the accusations laid on Jacopetti & Prosperi to create a bunch of fame hungry, unscrupulous Mondo movie makers who would do anything to get €˜good footage€™. Unfortunately Deodato was too successful in this endeavour and ended up being landed with the same accusations as Jacopetti & Prosperi! A film which continues to shock and awe all those who watch it, there is no denying the cleverness or complexity of Cannibal Holocaust. In fact, it was probably too clever for its own good €“ and that€™s what got it banned in so many countries.

3. Cannibal Ferox (1981)

7 Most Controversial Movies That Shocked The World!!

Claimed to be banned in 31 Countries Boldly proclaiming to be the most banned film in the world, Cannibal Ferox is still only available in the UK after six minutes of cuts. When the ban was first rescinded in the UK and the film had been cut so heavily, there was virtually no gore at all and what was left was a silly jungle adventure. Watching the uncut version of Cannibal Ferox, one can see that the film had aspirations to be Cannibal Holocaust in the level of brutality and nastiness it displays Director Umberto Lenzi crafts his story somewhat implausibly. A hoodlum drug dealer called Mike has fled some serious bother in NYC to hang out in the jungle, snorting coke and tormenting the natives. Also entering the jungle is a researcher called Gloria who is here to disprove the idea that cannibals exist for her PhD thesis. She is accompanied by her friend Pat and brother Rudy. Who should they run into in the jungle but Mike? Mike is very cruel towards the natives and eventually they get ticked off at him and chop his hand off. He manages to escape, and this time they chop off his wang in agonising detail. The most tenacious escapee ever, Mike absconds again and this time the natives chop off his head like a boiled egg and feast on his brains. Rudy is killed by ravenous piranha fish and Pat is suspended from hooks in her breasts and left to die in agony. There is also liberal animal snuff in this movie. At the end, Gloria presents her findings: There is no such thing as cannibals. Apparently Gloria is guilty about the white man€™s treatment of natives and wants to hush the whole thing up lest further interference occur. Cannibal Ferox is not a particularly good film but it is more heavily censored than Cannibal Holocaust. Probably due to the disgusting treatment of animals in this movie. Whilst repugnant, the animal slaughter sort of fits into the narrative of Cannibal Holocaust, but it is just a sadistic free for all in Cannibal Ferox. Cannibal Ferox is vicious but not compelling viewing. But brain eating, penis removal and gratuitous violence against animals got it banned in 31 countries, or so the cover of the DVD proudly proclaims. Thus it retains the ignominious title of the world’s most banned movie.


2. Battleship Potemkin (1925)

7 Most Controversial Movies That Shocked The World!!
Banned: France, Germany, Finland, South Korea, Spain One would hardly believe that a B&W, silent era of cinema film could cause such fuss as to be banned in a slew of countries. This is an instance of a propaganda film being banned for fear of whipping up communist sympathies within the banning countries€™ jurisdiction. Battleship Potemkin is viewed by many critics to be the best Propaganda film ever made as well as one of the all time cinematic greats. It certainly has a rich pedigree in the shape of director Sergei Eisenstein who is an extremely well regarded film maker. The Odessa steps sequence with the baby in the pram is as thrilling today as it was 90 years ago. The film is based upon the 1905 mutiny of the crew of the ship Potemkin against the Tsarist regime. Eisenstein was also trying out cutting edge new techniques to bring emotional immediacy to the film. You know you have an effective propaganda film when Joseph Goebbels praises your film as the best he has ever seen and that anyone who was politically undecided would become an instant Bolshevik after viewing it. Battleship Potemkin€™s revolutionary, communist politics led to either severe censorship or an outright ban for the film in a host of countries. It was finally given an X certificate in the UK in 1954. Naturally the film was banned in West Germany, even though it was widely screened in Germany in 1925. Restored to its full condition now, Battleship Potemkin has a 100% €˜fresh€™ critical rating on rotten tomatoes which gives you a good indication of its critical stature and the historical importance of the film.

1. Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love (1996)

7 Most Controversial Movies That Shocked The World!!


Well, we can do it but we don’t like talking about it. India is called the land of Kama Sutra, but how ironic is it that we feel ashamed to even talk about it publicly! If Vatsayana was alive today, he would have loved Meera Nair’s ‘Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love’. The movie explores love and the sexual equation of four lovers in the 16th century. This film was banned in India because the officials felt that the sexual content was too harsh. How funny, especially when the book is easily accessible for purchase online and offline. The movie apparently went against our ethics and moral. However, around the world, it was praised and acclaimed.


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